An Engaging Glimpse at Attractive Slot Variation Miss America Slots


An attractive and engaging slot variation distributed by AC Coin and Slot, Miss America Slots is one of the interesting kinds of 25-cent slot machines. Miss America Slots offers opportunities to gamblers to win at most 625 dollars. Even if the payouts in this slot variation are not as high as payouts in other slot variations, players can still enjoy this game because it has interesting and special features.

Background on the Development of Miss America Slots

Miss America, a famous beauty pageant in the United States, influenced the development of this slot variation. There came a time in the history of Miss America Slots when some contestants of the beauty pageant complaint against the creation of the slot variation. However, gambling authorities still approved the introduction of Miss America Slots to some casinos because the proceeds from Miss America Slots go to intelligent women who cannot afford to go to college.

The Introduction of Miss America Slots in Atlantic City

With the aim of helping scholars of Miss America Organization, Harrah’s Atlantic City introduced 20 Miss America Slots in its gaming floor in 2003. Since its introduction in the casino, more gamblers show interest in trying the game because it has enticing features. In addition, the icons in the slot machines of Miss America Slots are colorful and luring to the followers of the beauty pageant.

Description of Miss America Slot Machines

The slot machines are very enticing because these have icons bearing photographs of former titleholders of Miss America. While waiting for succeeding spins, players can answer some trivia questions related to the beauty pageant. The background songs that the machines feature are also attractive.

The Bonus Game in Miss America Slots

When players activate the bonus game of Miss America Slots, the body parts of several Miss America winners appear on the slot machine’s screen, Players need to match appropriate body parts of one of the Miss America winners to get the jackpot prize. Players only have one chance to get the jackpot prize so they should concentrate when they play it.

Miss America Slots is only one of the interesting slot variations that players can try in some online and live casinos. To maximize winning chances in slot machines, it is important that players explore the various kinds of slots to know which of them offer better payouts and opportunities. Among all, players should know how to manage their bankroll well when they play different slot variations in casinos because the games are risky and theirs outcomes mostly rely on players’ luck.

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